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Welcome to Kiheung

Together with Kiheung, we create amazing experiences

"Welcome to Kiheung"

The beginning of Kiheung was simple.

I tried to live on 'the things I wanted to do' not 'the things I had to do' and finally I established Harley-Davidson Korea so as to enjoy motorcycle with others. I and all employees of Harley-Davidson Korea got to realize that we could be the best and happy when we were doing the things we wanted to do.

Kiheung develops businesses that make a journey of human enjoyable.

Our ultimate goal is to make every single person in businesses related to human mobility happy by designing a way to make a journey of human more convenient, safe, and enjoyable. And this is the mission of Kiheung and the purpose of the existence of Kiheung. To achieve such mission, I and all employees of Kiheung will try, struggle, and challenge and also will accomplish sustainable development as a foundation for such effort.

"The most admired,
trusted and beloved company, in and out"

The vision of Kiheung, that is to say, what we aim for, is to become The most admired, trusted, and beloved company, in and out.

Our goal is to be appreciated as 'The most' by customers, business partners, communities we belong to, and most importantly, employees. Although standards of 'The most' are varied, Kiheung will continue trying to fulfill those standards and, among those, we will try to be the best in ethical and humanistic terms.

I and all employees of Kiheung will always keep the values of Passion, Integrity, Challenge, and Social Responsibility in mind and will continue moving forward, aiming to build the best organization recognized by everyone and making life joyful.

Expect our great journey henceforward.
Thank you so much.

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