Story of Stores

Story of Stores

Living history of Harley-Davidson Korea, Hannam store

Harley-Davidson Korea in Hannam is the oldest Harley-Davidson store in Korea and is a living history of Harley-Davidson Korea, offering the largest showroom in Korea. Harley-Davidson Korea in Hannam is filled with passionate employees with positive energy!

Welcome to Harley-Davidson Korea in Hannam!

Harley-Davidson Korea in Hannam, situated in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu which is the center of Seoul, is a genuine global store visited by not only Korean customers but foreign customers. We offer specialized and kind counseling on motorcycles, clothing, and components, and also use a 5-tone truck every day to make sure that customers can get their maintenance services from the nearest place. Come visit Harley-Davidson Korea in Hannam that runs for customer satisfaction!

Kim Won-gi (Owen), manager of Harley-Davidson Korea in Hannam

About Harley-Davidson Korea in Hannam

Starting point of Harley-Davidson culture in Korea

Not only Harley-Davidson riders but also people who don't know about Harley-Davidson well recall Harley-Davidson Korea in Hannam as the most symbolic place of 'Harley-Davidson'. Harley-Davidson Korea, opened in Hannam-dong in 1999, has created a huge sensation in motorcycle industry, making effort to spread 'culture' rather than just selling 'motorcycles'.

Place filled with energy, Harley-Davidson Korea in Daegu

Harley-Davidson Korea in Daegu is responsible for Harley-Davidson services throughout Daegu and Gyeongsangnam-do.
We provide reliable services based on a close friendship and teamwork between employees!

Welcome to Harley-Davidson Korea in Daegu!

Daegu store is located in Hayang-eup, Gyeongsan-si conveniently accessible by car and motorcycle. The biggest advantage of Daegu store is professionals with warm heart and they offer services related to motorcycles, components, accessories, clothing, and maintenance on the basis of great confidence. Ask everything about Harley-Davidson here!

Lee Dong-jin (Jack), manager of Harley-Davidson Korea in Daegu

About Harley-Davidson Korea in Daegu

Employees in great harmony

Synergy effects from nice employees under the supervision of a young, large-hearted manager make customers visiting Daegu store happy.

Expansive indoor space, large parking lot

Are we talking about a popular wedding hall? Nope. An expansive space and a large parking lot of Daegu store make your shopping even more convenient and help amateur riders park their vehicles comfortably.

Oasis for motorcycle riders, Harley-Davidson Korea in Gangnam

Harley-Davidson Korea in Gangnam is smaller than other stores but is the only store equipped with a service center in Seoul so customers can purchase a motorcycle and get after-sales services at the same time.
Now begins the story of Gangnam store with a friendly atmosphere, filled with the sounds of pleasant laughter at all times.

Welcome to Harley-Davidson Korea in Gangnam!

Harley-Davidson Korea in Gangnam, located in the center of the busiest city Gangnam, Seoul, surely offers the most relaxing space like oasis in the city. Outstanding technicians work in harmony and communicate with customers based on the best teamwork, making effort for riders not to forget their dream and leisure in busy daily life.

Lee Je-chang (Logix), branch manager of Harley-Davidson Korea in Gangnam

About Harley-Davidson Korea in Gangnam

1. Creative motorcycle store

People with a positive and bright mind have a power to brighten up the whole atmosphere of a place. Harley-Davidson Korea in Gangnam is the perfect store filled with a perky atmosphere created by a number of employees, led by the manager Ji Gun-bae, and with passion towards Harley-Davidson, realizing customers' dream one by one.

2. Leading customer satisfaction through multi-service

Motorcycles, maintenance services, clothing, components, and accessories are available from one place. It's the only place equipped with a Harley-Davidson service center in Seoul so customers can purchase a motorcycle and get their after-sales services from here. Moreover, employees who can recommend clothing according to individual characteristics and styles of each customer and consultants specialized in the sale of components and accessories which can complete motorcycle fashion are waiting in a store on the 2nd floor.

3. The best service comes from the best teamwork.

Although there are many different departments, they all can provide customers with the best services based on enhanced work efficiency because they have formed an intimate teamwork with the friendly atmosphere. Every employee of Gangnam store says the same thing. "Friendly atmosphere but professional work performance at all times!"
Harley-Davidson Korea in Gangnam is a place where skillful professionals with great sense work together.

The largest Harley-Davidson store in Korea, Harley-Davidson Korea in Yongin

Harley-Davidson Korea in Yongin, a playground for customers who adore Harley-Davidson.
Harley-Davidson Korea in Yongin, the largest Harley-Davidson store in Korea, is a playground for customers who adore Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson Korea in Yongin has the largest showroom, a customer support team with the biggest infrastructure, and the best team!

Welcome to Harley-Davidson Korea in Yongin!

Harley-Davidson Korea in Yongin, opened through the Grand Opening Ceremony in May 2009, offers the best services to customers based on various employees' extensive knowledge. Customer support team with the best infrastructure and passionate staff members only give the best memories to customers. Anyone who has driven the Gyeongbu Expressway might have spotted Harley-Davidson Korea in Yongin. Visit Harley-Davidson Korea in Yongin, a playground opened to anyone at any time.

Woo I-chul (Lovin), manager of Harley-Davidson Korea in Yongin

About Harley-Davidson Korea in Yongin

The biggest Harley-Davidson store in Asia-Pacific area

Harley-Davidson Korea in Yongin is the best Harley-Davidson store in both size and service among all Harley-Davidson stores in Asia-Pacific area.
Icons showing Harley-Davidson's culture, displayed every part of the expansive store, make Yonging store open to more people who adore Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson Korea in Ilsan running by the young talent

Harley-Davidson Korea in Ilsan, the 8th domestic dealer based not only in Gyeonggi-do but in Incheon.
Young staff members with the youngest branch manager in the house in the lead spread the life styles of Harley-Davidson. We introduce Harley-Davidson Korea in Ilsan with infinite possibilities from the young talent!

Welcome to Harley-Davidson Korea in Ilsan!

Ilsan store is where talented young people that offer the best service at all times based on their professionalism and passion in each area, including motorcycles, components, clothing, and maintenance, work in harmony and create each individual Harley-Davidson life style. With young staff members, our store is always filled with energy and creative ideas. You can get this energy even when you're just around our store. If you need healing, a cup of hot coffee and a cozy chat at Ilsan store will do. Get pleasant energy from energetic Ilsan store.

Han Hyo Jung (Remy), branch manager of Harley-Davidson Korea in Ilsan

About Harley-Davidson Korea in Ilsan

Place full of young energy

Ilsan store is run by young staff members. Maintenance room on the first floor and the main store on the 2nd floor plays the newest music all the time and the sound of laughter fills the friendly atmosphere. This exciting atmosphere is not interrupting members' work but only vitalizing it. Therefore, customers visiting Ilsan store also feel the excitement and pleasant atmosphere.

Lee Dong-wook, the most popular manager and mechanic in Ilsan store with pride and a great sense of humor, and Park Han-gun, the manager that performs accurate services based on precise diagnoses and advises, work in the maintenance room on the 1st floor, burning with youthful passion for assuring the best service at all times.
By encouraging one another.

The biggest H-D lifestyle showroom in the whole world, Starfield Hanam

Welcome to Harley-Davidson Starfield Hanam!

We are ‘Harley-Davidson Lifestyle Boutique’ selling not only H-D motorcycle but also genuine clothing and accessories. We’re doing our best to satisfy riders and non-riders alike with up-to-date fashion items. Please feel free to visit us and find the most cheerful and lively showroom.

Jeong Gwang Yeong (Ruben), branch manager of Harley-Davidson Korea in Starfield Hanam

Located between Hanam and Paldang where motorcycle riders enjoy riding, Starfield Hanam showroom is the biggest in size among H-D lifestyle in the whole world, and it’s delivers differentiated genuine H-D clothing and accessories.

What is special for Harley-Davidson Starfield Hanam?

It’s unique

Starfield Hanam is the only showroom designed by Harley-Davidson Headquarter, so visitors can feel the unique touch of H-D brand in every corner of the showroom. Also, it sells many of ‘Hanam-exclusive’ items which make the showroom even more special.

Location! Location! Location!

Harley-Davidson Starfield Hanam is located in the Korea’s largest shopping mall complex Starfield Hanam established by Korean retail giant Shinsegae Group. The mall has convenient access to nearby expressways and multiple local roads, making it easier for millions people residing in metropolitan area to come and enjoy its state-of-the-art facilities.

First official big-sized Motorcycle Dealership in Gangwon province, Harley-Davidson of Korea, Wonju

Harley-Davidson of Korea finally put a new dealership in Gangwon province in order to satisfy rising customers’ demands.
We are proud of being a provider with global standard service of Harley-Davidson Motor Company and with a fun place for riders.

Welcome to Harley-Davidson of Korea, Wonju!

I am very pleased to be a manager of first official big-sized motorcycle dealership in Gangwon province.
Are you dreaming a ride in Gangwon with your Harley-Davidson? Then, we are ready to go with you.
We all always dedicate to fulfillng our customers’ dream.

Baeg Seung-yeol (Simon), manager of Harley-Davidson of Korea, Wonju

About Harley-Davidson of Korea, Wonju

Harley-Davidson of Korea, Wonju is a tenth official dealership with 960 square meters, which is second biggest dealership in Korea.
Not only that, but location is advantageous bacause it is easily accessible to visit through two expressways connected nationwide and various roads.

For being a dream team!

Our staffs pursue being No.1 best salesmen and technicians.
We always head to be a dream team for customer satisfaction. Please visit us and we will treat you in our best.

A hot place under the Namsan mountain, WATTS SPORTS Hannam

In 2008, WATTS SPORTS started as ‘Storck Store Seoul’, the first Storck bicycle retail store selling the premium Storck bicycle and accessories. Since our open, we introduced various cycle and accessories such as Garmin, Passoni, Café De Cyclist, Isador, and etc. And we could be positioned the best bicycle special retail shop in Korea. The professional staffs including old member of national cycle team and coach from an elite team, WATTS SPORTS Hannam is serving cyclists top-class fitting and service. Also, we are delivering the pleasure of riding bicycle with various cycling events.

Welcome to WATTS SPORTS Hannam

We have been working with sweat running down in beads to lead the cycling culture of Korea, and we cherish the value of our sweat as same as the cycling enthusiast in Korea. We are located along the famous riding course of Han river and Namsan mountain, so we can be a wonderful resting place for cyclists. Please visit us and feel the latest trend of cycle and professional training and service. You are always welcomed. (Instagram: wattscycling.seoul)

Biker’s true resting place, Watts cycling Hanam Station

In 2016, it is 8th anniversary since grand open of Watts cycling in 2008, and opening of Hanam Station made it more special. The Watts cycling Hanam is located right in the middle of Misari and Palding which is famous cycle course for many cyclists, and they can easily access to the road for Bunwonri, Yang Pyoung, and even Gang Won province. So, Watts cycling Hanam Station can be a resting place for cyclists where they can take a short break, check their cycle, and take a cup of coffee.

Watts Hanam Station is always widely opened

You can see the splendid building of Starfiled Hanam when you ride bicycle along Han River from Seoul to Paldang, and we’re conveniently located on 1st floor of Starfiled Hanam.

Please visit us when you are on your training, or long distance riding, or coming back Seoul, so you can have wonderful coffee brewed by professional barista or nutritionally balanced snack and food. Of course, you can shop beautiful cycles and accessories anytime and we serve detailed service for your bicycle. (Instagram : wattscycling.seoul)

3rd Showroom with 10 years of experiences.

Watts cycling officially opened by the name of Stock bicycle from Germany in 2008. Since the opening, we introduce various great products of all around the world and has been loved by korean bicycle riders. In 2016, Watts cycling opened new showroom in Sinsagae Starfield Hanam and opened in August 2017 in Starfield Goyang in sequence.


Watts cycling provides professional cycling products and services. We are ready to offer bicycle with reasonable price and good quality. Based on many experiences in bicycle leisure, we'll give you proper counselling.
We always welcome customers with open arms! Feel free to visit us. We would be happy to make your day better.

Great products of all around the world

You can meet unique brand through Watts cycling. We handle various bicycle from Stock, Ritte and also cycling clothing from Café du cycliste, Isadore apparel and so on. In addition, we launched 'Garmin official experience zone', where you could enjoy full feature of product.

Have a cup of coffee to boost your condition

The reason why we named the third showroom as Watts cycling station is that, we provide essential services to riders. Including tire exchanges, assembling bike, wheel calibration, customers are able to get diverse services. Moreover, riders can boost their condition with a cup of coffee at WATTS CAFE. Enjoy the fresh coffee and fuel your energy!

Multi heater in tire market, Tire Business Team of Kiheung International

All about moving, a multi heater in automobile and motorcycle markets

Tire Business Team of Kiheung International is a multi heater in tire market that distributes 'Metzeler' the German motorcycle tire brand and 'Pirelli' the premium automobile tire brand.
Now begins the story of Tire Business Team of Kiheung International that makes history of tire distribution market, based on ever-lasting enthusiasm.

Welcome to the Tire Business Team of Kiheung International.

Workplace of Tire Business Team is located in Yongin highly accessible to capital areas, such as Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. We offer customers the best services on the basis of the largest 'Pirelli' store in Korea and expansive knowledge of employees with full of passion towards tire. We will show all customers visiting the Tire Business Team fun parts of stable and safe driving through communication.

Hwang Sung Pil (Phillip), director of the Tire Business Team of Kiheung International

About Tire Business Team of Kiheung International

Veteran club

Tire Business Team of Kiheung International is run by motorcyclists that have been in cycling industry for a long time, skilled technicians, and team members passionate about cars.
Team members with different styles try to achieve a goal of the group and to create larger synergy effects through successful cooperation.
We will develop ourselves into a veteran that satisfies customers with the best services, listening to their voices.

Fun store

We are not just a tire seller but a fun store.
As if a safety device allows us to enjoy rides to the fullest, you need to mount a tire with performance suitable for each vehicle's property before going out for driving. We will suggest the best tires for each customer's needs through communication. And we will also make the store filled with fun to which any customers want to visit first by repaying their support with the best services.

ASTON MARTIN filled with British luxury

Aston Martin Seoul is the only importer of Aston Martin in Korea, offering the largest space among all stores in Asia and best one-stop maintenance services. Moreover, we provide special marketing for VVIP as well.

Aston Martin is a British premium luxury car brand with 115 years of history. Aston Martin has supported Bond Cars in 007 series, giving off the attractiveness of British premium sports cars.
Aston Martin based on “POWER, BEAUTY & SOUL” offers driver British sensibility and fun parts of driving.
Aston Martin Seoul will continue doing its utmost to allow domestic customers to experience the sensibility, power, and attractiveness of Aston Martin.

Trend leading luxury super car

Kiheung International tries to develop domestic super car market by delivering Aston Martin's philosophy and culture as luxury super car trend leader.

Showroom filled with Aston Martin's own sensibility

Aston Martin, selected as the most preferred brand by British people, has full of British sensibility. A showroom represents a small Britain, reflecting the unique sensibility.
Come and enjoy Aston Martin Seoul.

McLaren Seoul changes the dominion of Korean super car market

See racing machines designed for highway, presented by McLaren with colorful F1 history, at McLaren Seoul

McLaren Seoul is the only official importer of McLaren in Korea. The store is located in Banpodaero, Seocho-gu, Seoul and offers one-stop service from counseling and sale to maintenance. Employees with professionalism through official training from the head office and pride in McLaren are McLaren Seoul's pride and asset. Meet McLaren's dream cars now in Korea. McLaren Seoul is open to anyone at all times.

Store of McLaren Seoul

McLaren is attractive on highways of course, but displays its true values on track. A showroom designed like a track makes McLaren stand out even more. Desk that symbolizes McLaren's speed mark confirms that this place is not a track but a showroom of McLaren.
VIP Lounge in a corner of the store is maintained excellently for customers to rest comfortably.

Maintenance room of McLaren Seoul

Maintenance room of McLaren Seoul adopts three work bays and we have maintenance facilities specially designed for McLaren vehicles authorized by the head office of McLaren. Professional technicians that have completed training courses at the head office of McLaren work all the time, offering the best services with authorized equipments according to the office's regulations.

Employees of McLaren Seoul

Team members of McLaren Seoul on sales, maintenance, and marketing develop McLaren Seoul with their pride in the brand and trust in each other on a day-to-day basis.

Holy Land of the Classic Motorcycle of Korea!!
This is Royal Enfield Korea Hanam Dealership.

Royal Enfield Korea Hanam Branch is sole distributor It is the official Royal Enfield branch and has nine official dealerships across the country.
In Royal Enfield Korea, dedicated staffs who will lead the classic motorcycle industry got together. And the Royal Enfield Korea includes motorcycle sales team , Parts & Accessories team, Clothing and Riding Gear team, Service area and Marketing team!! We have all the systems. Are you bored? If you want to feel something fun and new, Please visit Royal Enfield Korea right NOW!

Welcome to Royal Enfield Korea.

I'm Luke Kang, General manager of Royal Enfield Korea. Nice to meet you. We take a lot of pictures during our lifetime. And if you see a picture of the album after several years , you will make smile. It is Royal Enfield that reflects this idea. Also, people forget their precious memories in their busy lives. The Royal Enfield Motorcycle is the classic motorcycle that presents you precious memories. What do you think? How about ride the pure classic motorcycle and build future-memories with us now?

Royal Enfield Korea General Manager Luke Kang

Royal Enfield Korea has become the first Korean to obtain a Certificate of Maintenance Education at Royal Enfield Academy in India.
Royal Enfield Korea will regularly participate in Royal Enfield Maintenance Training in India to provide good service to Korean Royal Enfield Riders.

Royal Enfield Korea is located in Hanam, Gyeonggi-do.
There is a maintenance room and a marketing office on the first floor and second floor features motorcycles, Parts & Accessories and ride gear products. Royal Enfield Korea has an interior design that gives you a cozy and authentic classic atmosphere. And Royal Enfield Korea has a comfortable customer lounge. Welcome anyone.
Please feel free to visit us to enjoy coffee and music.

If you're a first visitor to Royal Enfield or motorcycle itself or wonder whether you have to participate our cultural events, please do not worry.
Royal Enfield Korea is hosting fun rides for you twice a month.
If you want a safe and enjoyable Royal Enfield Life, please join us and leave it all to us!!