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You Can Take a Break at Harley-Davidson Korea.

- Kent Kim, General Affairs Team manager at Harley-Davidson Korea

Harley-Davidson Korea gives you a ‘break.’

‘Break’ is a space where the employees can take a break at work.

This place was built by the staff in June 2015. We painted, chose furniture, and installed lights for our space where we would take rest.

At Break, you have sofa where you can come and sit back anytime you want as well as refreshing beverage and coffee any day.

Also, more and more staff members are donating books to fill the shelves, making it a perfect space for you to enjoy your leisure time. Also, when there is a major sport game, the staff gather at Break after work to root for their teams in front of TV. Recently, someone even donated a sandbag for you to relieve your stress.

Break also offers a space for you to communicate with people from other departments.

You rarely have the chance to get to know people in other departments, and, at Break, it is easy to mingle with everyone and enjoy conversation with one another.

For that reason, during the lunch break, it becomes the most crowded place in the entire company.

Harley-Davidson Korea Yongin is rather isolated and, therefore, it is difficult to go to a convenience store or coffee shop during the short breaks.

And Break acts as an ‘oasis’ within the company where the employees can enjoy coffee or other types of beverage and rest.

Break is open every day throughout the year and, recently, we see some staff members at Break even during weekends, as they come to rest after some club activities or simply to drink a cup of coffee instead of going to an expensive café.

Also, for the staff who come here to relieve stress and take rest, the senior staff members stay away from Break.

Although it is part of my job to manage Break, I feel rewarded to see the staff members showing more satisfaction with and increasing their visits to Break.

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