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My Dream Grows with the Company. The Dream I have had at Harley-Davidson Korea for 14 Years

-Theresa Kim, Section Chief of Logistics Team at Harley-Davidson Korea

I joined Harley-Davidson Korea on June 17, 2003.

Since then, every year, the company has been growing rapidly and I am happy to be part of the process.

Harley-Davidson Korea is the second company I have ever worked for. At my first job, I had to work six days per week and could not even imagine taking a day off.

After deciding I could not spend my 20s like this anymore, I found a job at Harley-Davidson Korea that would allow me to enjoy my freedom and life as long as I work hard.

The year I joined the company, at the year-end closing ceremony, my senior was selected ‘Best Employee of the Year’ and that is when I set ‘becoming the best employee’ as my goal and began to work harder. I achieved my dream when I was promoted from staff to manager and received 3 million KRW as bonus.

I realized you can make your dream come true once you set a goal and work hard for it. The memory of that day still gives me energy.

I never got on a motorcycle before joining Harley-Davidson, and, one day, I asked a colleague to take me to a ride.

After joining the ride a few times, I began to be curious about how it feels to drive a Harley-Davidson motorcycle on my own, because it was already exciting to sit on the back.

After getting the class-2 driving license for small vehicles, I finally became a Harley-Davidson motorcycle owner and achieved my goal by driving it for the first time on my own.

When I entered my 30s, I was often asked why I was not getting married. And that is when I began to want to get married like other people.

Now, I am married with a beautiful and healthy child. Being a working mom is still not quite easy.

However, the year after I returned from the maternity leave marked 10th year since I joined the company and, therefore, received 14 days of paid vacation and 100% bonus as the ‘long-term employee benefit.’ The 14 days of paid vacation was so precious to a tired working mom like me, and I could entirely focus on my child during that time. Also, the bonus was very useful for buying things for my child.

I believe I might be the one of the people who gained much more happiness from the long-term employee benefit than others. Also, it helped me work on achieving my new goal.

I will soon receive 21 days of paid vacation and 200% bonus pay for having worked for 15 years at the company, and then, 28 days of paid vacation and 300% bonus for 20 years of working at the company.

I will not settle for the status quo but work hard to achieve another dream.

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