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To Me, the Company Means More than a Workplace.

-Kathy Byeon, Marketing manager at Harley-Davidson Korea

My life has changed significantly since I joined Harley-Davidson Korea.

I got a class-2 driving license for small vehicles, as I wanted to give it a try and ride a motorcycle, now that I have joined a motorcycle company, and that is when my life as a female rider began.

At first, I was both nervous and excited to go for a 30-minute ride. And then, I found myself becoming more and more enchanted by the charm of the two-wheel, and began to commute on my motorcycle.

After about three years since I became a proper motorcycle rider, a fantastic chance presented itself to me: that is, an opportunity to cross the US on a motorcycle.

What added to the excitement was the fact that no Korean female rider had ever crossed the US on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. And I only had this opportunity because I was a female rider who works at Harley-Davidson Korea.

Although I was not there simply to participate in the tour but to lead other participants as part of the organizer, I knew it would become one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. During the 16 days and 14 nights, we had to ride over 6,000km from Chicago, Illinois, to Los Angeles, California.

The schedule, indeed, sounded quite overwhelming and daunting, at first, and made me wonder if I would be able to finish this tour that would be tough for even experienced male riders.

However, that could not make me give up a tour that would be a dream for any Harley-Davidson rider.

I looked for ways to improve my fitness and stamina, and took ginseng and vitamins with me to prepare for the journey.

I would never forget this experience where I ran 500km on a motorcycle for 12 days in a row, as a supporter for other riders and also as one of the riders in the US tour.

From riding along the long, straight highways you cannot find in Korea to greeting with local riders coming from the opposite side, and visiting Sturgis, the holy land of motorcycle, where I met and shared stories with other riders from different parts of the world, I cannot count how many great memories I made during the tour.

Although going to work, for many people, is part of mundane daily life, to me, the company means more than a workplace: it is a venue where I can enjoy my hobby and realize my dream as well as meet and communicate with other people who share the same hobby as mine.

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