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Even My Children Love Coming to My Work

Fun and Free Children’s Day Party at Kiheung - Youngsik Kim, Deputy head of General Affairs Team, Harley-Davidson Korea

What do you remember from Children’s Days when you were little?

On this special day dedicated to children, you probably received special toys as a gift, eat delicious food, go to a theme park with your parents and enjoy a fun ride for the first time, go to a zoo and watch interesting animals, wear a baseball fan club jacket and get an autograph of your favorite baseball players, or watch fireworks or balloons floating in the sky.

All these things were possible because it was Children’s Day, which has a special place in our childhood memories.

However, these days, it just reminds you of heavy traffic jams and crowds everywhere you go. Have you ever wondered, during Children’s Day, why you are wasting the precious time to spend with your family, stuck on the road?

For that reason, Kiheung Group decided to organize Children’s Day events where the staff and their children can make special memories and enjoy the free atmosphere and different experiences, by utilizing the available facilities at the company.

The first activity of the festival allows children to look around the office where their mom or dad works. And then, they go to a cafeteria, where their parents have lunch five days per week, and enjoy barbeque with the family.

Also, the kids’ playroom and air bounce prepared in front it provide a space where kids can freely have fun with one another. At the futsal field covered with artificial turf, you can see children run around screaming as if they all became Ronaldo.

Why do I feel more thrilled than the kids when I watch them shoot the ball?

After playing, you need to learn the joy of working. The children become farmers who plant seeds of food ingredients like chili peppers, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes for their parents; gardeners who plant beautiful flowers in different parts of the building so that their parents would work in a more pleasant environment; or cooks who make pizza, sandwich, injeolmi, and other kinds of food their parents like.

These experiences, I hope, taught the kids the value of food and family love.

These activities probably have created a fun memory they can look back on when they grow up.

Treasure hunt is one of the essential activities of Children’s Day. The kids invited to Kiheung searched for the garden with their eyes shining with determination to find the hidden gifts. I don’t remember seeing them so focused on something for so long. And it brings a smile on your face to see them share their finds with other children who could not find anything. They would run across the large parking lot with the wireless cars they found or, those who found water guns would engage in a fierce battle with one another.

How did Kiheung Group’s Children Day sound to you? I hope you join us and have a meaning time with the family next year. Remember, happy family means happy life.

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