Tire Business Team

Tire Business Team


The right tire changes everything.

To make everyone’s driving safe and happy.

Premium Tire

Tire Business Team of Kiheung International is in charge of the sale of automobile/motorcycle tires since 2008 under a mission statement ‘To make everyone’s driving safe and happy.’. Starting with 'Metzeler' of Germany which is the only brand specialized in motorcycle tires in the world, the team began official domestic distribution of motorcycle tires of 'Michelin' which is the largest tire brand in the world, in 2012 and started expanding the business areas as an official distributor of 'Pirelli', the byword for premium car tires, since 2013.

Pirelli store in Yongin has begun in September 2014, and it is the sole brand handling Pirelli products with the largest scale in Korea (1,317m²). For safety, the Pirelli Yongin is always equipped with the uppermost and cutting-edge equipments, such as ▶ 3D Alignment (a device for checking and adjusting tire conditions in a three-dimensional way) ▶ 3D Laser Balancer (a device for adjusting the balance of tire weight) and ▶ a full-automatic mounter/dismounter (a device that supports quick tire replacement).

Pirelli store in Gangnam, opened in July 2015, is located under the showroom of the British luxurious super car brand 'Aston Martin' introduced to Korea through Kiheung International and they offer customized services with the assistance of tire experts that have completed Pirelli's specialized tire training courses, using the uppermost cutting-edge equipments in approx. 200m²-large work space.

Date of Foundation : Mar. 2008

Address/Contact :

Yongin HQ: 115 Shinjung-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyounggi-do   Tel : 031-281-0706
Gangnam branch: 235 Banpodaero Seocho-gu, Seoul   Tel : 02-796-0700

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