Royal Enfield Motorcycle

To provide customers with the experience of classic heritage and pure motorcycling.

Established in 1901, Royal Enfield Motorcycle is one of the oldest continuously-produced classical motorcycle companies in the world. Royal Enfield has gained its today’s reputation among the European coutnries through the World Wars by participating them. In 1905, Indian border guards started importing the Royal Enfield’s flagship model, Bullet, which started its long-term friendly relationship with India.

With its corporate philosophy of Pure Motorcycling and its latest technology, it has acquired Harris International, a well-known company for its motorcycle technology and design. It has led to establishment of a state-of-the-art Royal Enfield UK Technology Research Institute in Leicester, England in 2017 to fully focus on the development of motorcycles that are progressive and, at the same time, classic.

Up until 2010, its gross production was only about 50,000 units. However, in 2018, the production has grown up to 850,000 which is almost about 16 times higher. Currently, it has 850 dealers in India alone and is exporting to more than 50 countries. Including our own Republic of Korea, London, Paris, Madrid, San Paulo, Milwaukee and etc has its own official distribution dealers to spread the experience of classic heritage and pure motorcycling.

This is not the end but ongoing processes. From the last month, April, we have re-generated the production factory for TWINs by producing Continental GT and Interceptor 650, and we getting ready to give the world a big surprise again. In addition, Royal Enfield Korea is also preparing a various kind of events for domestic RE riders that has never been shown before. This will surely help in establishing and spreading the culture of classic motorcycles throughout Korea. Please join us and share the historical moments with us so that riders and we can grow together by helping each other out.

Start of Business : April 20, 2019

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